Our Product Lines

Diffusers, Grilles & Registers. Architectural, Thermal, Laminar & Radial Flow Diffusers. Security Grilles. Fan Powered, Single & Dual Duct Terminal Units

2Control, Fire & Fire/Smoke, Industrial Dampers. Louvers. Sound Attenuators. Air Measuring, ERV & Drop Boxes

Sound Attenuators & Acoustical Panels

Critical Environmental Systems. Integrated Ceilings. Laminar Flow & Hepa Filter Unit Diffusers

Spiral, Flat Oval Single/Double Wall, Industrial and ProCoat Ductwork

Yellow Label Flexible Duct & Sheet Metal Fittings. High Pressure Round Access Doors

Specialty Architectural Grilles & Diffusers, Kitchen Hoods, Curbs and Air Mixers

Fume Hood & Isolation Room Control Systems

Technical Hoses

Stainless Steel Air Distribution Products

Pipe and Duct Supports. Stairs, Platforms and Crossovers

Iris Dampers Stainless Steel, Motorized and Positive Seal


Centrifugal, Propeller & Gravity Roof Ventilators Utility Set, Tubeaxial and In-Line/Ceiling Fans

Equipment Supports, Expansion Joints, Pipe Penetration, Seals & Curbs, Pipe Roller & Roof Curbs

Plenums Slot, Linear & Ceiling Diffusers. Bar Grilles, Light Troffers & Custom Plenums

Cabinet Heaters, Electric Duct Heaters, Base Board Heaters & Hazardous Location Heaters. Fan Coil Units & Air Curtains

Control, Fire & Fire/Smoke, Industrial Dampers. Louvers, Screens & Penthouses. Access Doors

Diffusers, Grilles & Registers. Fan Powered, Single & Dual Terminal Units

Precision Flow Regulators, Drop Box Diffusers & Air Measuring Products

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